Imagine showing up to work and seeing open, free space before your eyes – No cluttered file cabinets, boxes of papers, or documents in sight.

This could be your office.

You may be overwhelmed just thinking about how on earth your workplace could ever reach the point of looking decent again, but fret no more. EcoScan is at your door. Metaphorically, but also literally and physically.

We are here to lead your company towards a more successful day!

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No more searching for files and struggling through the mess of your office.

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No more stressing out about where a particular file went.

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No more hair-tearing and swearing.

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We are here to help make your workload lighter!

The first step involves the removal of all your files.

Next, your files will be efficiently scanned and uploaded into a vault. This is a secured system that holds and organizes all your files, having them ready for you when you need them.

Finally, we will shred all your documents and send you a confirmation once this has been done.

Let us help make your office clean and comfortable, leaving you more capable.

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