How smoothly is your business running? Do you ever get bogged down by tedious paperwork that keeps you from spending time with new clients? Do you ever wish you could relieve your secretary from tasks that make her feel like a tool? Well, perhaps you could take advantage of what many other businesses have already found useful. Consider some of the common stories:

Our business can now run more efficiently due to our files being scanned and OCRed. We used to send our trusty processor down to the basement where we had moldy files due to leaks from the plumbing. Sometimes it would take her all day to find the file if she even found them at all Sometimes, we would have to come down to the basement ourselves to find the files because our processer couldn’t find the file. This was kind of annoying and it took a significant amount of time. We no longer experience the aggravation and frustration we would often encounter due to EcoScan’s document services. Instead of running down to the basement, we simply type in the file number into our EcoScan Cloud Storage account, and ba-om! It is there.

– Story 1

My secretary is now apprenticing to became a lawyer. Thanks to EcoScan, we otherwise probably wouldn’t have been here by now.

– Story 2

I had tons of files that had been stored on an old cloud system. EcoScan transferred them to their own secure cloud system. Even though they are now more secure, I pay less.

– Story 3

Our roofing company had years worth of invoices from clients that were not on our CRM system. EcoScan scanned in the invoices and extracted the customer data into a .csv file that we then uploaded to our CRM system.

– Story 4

We had a building just for files… EcoScan picked up the files and digitized the ones that needed scanning. Once they took the files we sold the building that held the files.

– Story 5

Regardless of your industry and business size, you could be the next success story. Don’t waste your opportunity to speak with one of our experts about your data management needs. It could be the best 2 minutes you ever had. Because otherwise, when you see your competitors creep by, you will be looking strenuously through the cloud of dust they made while trying to figure out what just happened.

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