There are boxes and boxes of files all over the office. There is no space or room for you or your coworkers. You find yourself squeezing through the walkway to get to your desk, only to find that your chair has files lying on it. After moving the files on top of a stack of other files, you sit down. Your feet hit a box under the desk. You roll your eyes. Yet another file box.

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Does any of this sound familiar to you? Are you struggling to accept the fact that your office needs a solution to this problem?

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EcoScan is here for you. With its three-step program, your company will be on its way towards greater success.

  1. Your files will be picked up and removed from your site in order to be Scanned.
  2. Your files will then be Stored in an online vault with easy access for your convenience.
  3. Finally, upon your approval, all your files will be Shredded.

EcoScan’s three-step solution to your problem: Scan, Store, Shred.

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Let us help you succeed!

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Featured Image: Wells Photography

Image 1: Wells Photography

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