When I read a book, I like to use a paper book because of the ease on my eyes and the nice physical feel the book has. When a book takes up physical space, it often reminds me to pick it up, think about it, and talk about it with others. On the other hand, when I’m trying to find a specific passage in a large book, it is often much easier to search the book electronically unless I have the physical book memorized or marked the passage with a sticky note.

The seemingly true experience of increased eye fatigue, when using computer screens versus paper, may play a role in the fact that many industries still use paper on a regular basis. This seems to make a lot of sense in industries such as Law and Real Estate where documents need to be read and signed.

What happens to the files after the documents are read and signed?

Often, they get put away in a folder and kept in a storage room for, in the case of Real Estate, 7 years. The law only requires Title Companies to hold Real Estate files for seven years, after which many simply shred them.

But what happens when you need to retrieve some information from the files?

Retrieving files may not be an everyday thing but it does happen a lot with some Title Companies. The time spent searching the files can be looked at in two ways. First, as a break from your normal work and an excuse to do something different. Another way of viewing this, which you might like more if you are fed up with distractions from work, is that the more time it takes to find a file, the less time I have to focus on customers and spend with others.

How to find your files fast?

Scanning your files and uploading them to a secure cloud allows you to find them anywhere you have internet access. This can be very fast. Moreover, if you OCR (optical character recognition) the files you can search within the file as well.

What if I don’t have time to scan my files?

You do you but EcoScan is here for a reason. No one wants to spend an extra hour or two after work to scan in all their documents from work. That’s why with EcoScan, we pick up your files, make them searchable, and upload them to a secure cloud. Yes, we do all that for less than the cost of a cup of coffee.

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