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Here at EcoScan, we make it possible for you to say goodbye to the long-term physical storage sites and the liability they bring with them. It is typical for firms such as realtors, brokers, and lawyers to be obligated to keep files of their clients for at least 7 years. There are two ways to deal with this compliance. Either Physical storage or online storage.

Either physical storage or online storage?


physical storage involves taking up large amounts of space with either filing cabinets and or banker boxes and involves many liabilities such as natural disasters, or faulty filing. Both of these liabilities can result in countless wasted hours spent trying to recover needed documents.

The second solution is scanning and online storage.


This solution eliminates both of the major liabilities of the physical storage solution and has many other added benefits as well. Such as easy accessibility to all of your files which are already PDFs and OCRed. This saves you time otherwise spent searching physical file boxes or drawers, as well as the time to scan the file once you find it. And thus by saving you time also saving you money.

EcoScan is here to offer you just that solution.


Here at EcoScan, we help businesses every day to relieve the stress and lost money on physical file storage. We come to pick up your files and promptly scan, OCR, and, proof check every file before sending you your personal storage cloud with all your files to check over and receive 100% satisfaction from you before shredding.

With Online Cloud storage you will have peace of mind knowing your files are safe and secure while saving time and money with easy virtual access.

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