Flow of Services

Digitization Process

Many customers deal with and keep so many records that the cost of storing and accessing them becomes expensive.  EcoScan offers Data Management Services that may be done either at your office or our facility.  We can perform every process at your site so, the choice is up to you.


Typical records that we scan flow through at least four basic processes. These processes include preparing, scanning, enhancing, and reviewing the documents (see Table 1, a). These processes ensure that all the required data has been captured. The scanning processes in part a is usually adequate for firms that do not need to access their data often.


If you expect to access your data many times, want the raw text, or need to comply with the Rehabilitation Act of 1973, we will further enhance your documents. Your documents would typically flow through two more processes: Manual Image Enhancements and Optical Character Recognition (OCR) or 508 Remediation (see Table 1, b).

Once your digital documents are ready, we will grant you access through our online cloud solution. Most firms want their paper documents shredded (see Table 1 c). If you wish to keep your paper documents, we will either deliver them to your office or store them in our off-site storage facility (see Table 1, d).