What We Do
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We offer Document Management Services.  Anything to do with files, we probably do. 

Be it data extraction from old invoices that needs to be transferred to your CRM software or Document Scanning of those mounds of real estate files, we have your back.    

Once you handle your files to us, you will never regret not wasting time searching for files, not paying your closing processor for things she was never hired for, or lessening your liability.

Our customers have noticed a reduction of up to 9 hours a week that was previously wasted on searching for files, a less stressful workplace, and better business moral. 

Below you will find more detail on some of our most common services:


We offer Document Scanning and on-Demand Scanning, if your files are stored with us. Typically, we can get you the file within 24 hours of being requested.

In other words, once we pick up your files, you will never have to sweat again about accessing your files.

In addition to Scanning, we provide image enhancements including Optical Character Recognition (OCR), 508 Remediation, and file compression. Learn more…


We provide Secure Cloud and Paper Storage Solutions.  These services help you to maintain organization and space.    

Where will you find your customer's old file from years ago?  When you partner with us, we ensure you get your file in a timely manner.  

Our Secure Cloud services provides you easy yet secure access to your files via mobile or desktop devices.  Learn more...   


We Ensure that your Excess Information is Securely Destroyed.

Once you no longer need information, we ensure that the sensitive information is completely destroyed beyond recognition.

Typically, this is done by shredding the paper according to NAID specifications.

We also offer incineration options as will if you would like increased security.  Learn more...